Tamara Dávila begins a hunger strike demanding to see her daughter

Tamara Dávila begins a hunger strike demanding to see her daughter

After more than 15 months of confinement in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, the political prisoner Tamara Dávila, decided, even at the risk of her life, to start a hunger strike on August 15, demanding that she be allowed to see her daughter six-year-old, who asks every day why he can’t see and hug his mom.

Relatives of Dávila, at a press conference, informed of the decision of the political prisoner, pointing out that it is the “only and last resource that she feels she has within her reach to demand the fulfillment of her right and that of her six-year-old daughter to have communication.”

Ana Lucía Álvarez, Dávila’s sister, denounced that both they and the political prisoner “have found an absolute refusal to communicate with the girl. As a family we have carried out various procedures both before the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, and before the corresponding judicial authorities. We have made requests orally at each visit, we have taken drawings of the girl to her mother and photos of her and the response has been that she ´is not authorized´”.

He explained that they have introduced seven judicial appeals on the visit with the minor, however, they have not had a response. In addition, he indicated that the last appeal was filed on August 16, and that, according to the terms established by these procedures, the Managua Court of Appeals should respond on August 18.

“We have not yet received a response. We await a response from said Court of Appeals and the State and that this response is positive, ”he said.

Tamara Dávila’s life “is at risk”

The relatives of the political prisoner expressed that they are concerned about Dávila’s situation, because, they point out, “this strike is going to put her life at risk”

“We are desperate since my sister has been illegally and arbitrarily detained for more than 15 months in a police station, such as the Judicial Assistance Directorate, being a systematic victim of constant torture,” they said.

In addition, they denounced that Dávila has spent more than 430 days “completely isolated, without having gone out to the sun patio even once since his arrest, alone, without access to gynecological health, without access to adequate and sufficient food, which is why he has lost more than 40 pounds.

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