Taiwan denounces China's incursion into its air and maritime space

Taiwan denounces China’s incursion into its air and maritime space

The Ministry of Defense of taiwan reported that nine combat planes and three Chinese Army ships approached its air and sea space this Saturday (local time), as they have been doing repeatedly in recent days.

As detailed by the Defense portfolio in a statement, at least “9 planes and three ships of the People’s Liberation Army of China have been detected” in its surrounding region at 6:00 a.m. (local time).

Of the total combat aircraft, two had entered the air defense identification zone southwest of taiwan.

In response, the Taiwan Armed Forces monitored the situation and assigned aircraft to conduct combat air patrols to protect the Taiwan area.

Navy ships and land-based missile systems have also been mobilized to respond to “these activities” of Chinaaccording to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

This new intrusion would take place after on December 28 another 11 fighters and three chinese ships enter Taiwanese borders.


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