Tahira Vargas expresó ¨La mejor forma de callar y ocultar cosas es matando¨

Tahira Vargas expressed ¨The best way to keep quiet and hide things is to kill¨

Tahira Vargas, a researcher and anthropologist, before the announcement made by the President that he was going to have a strong hand and that criminals take care of themselves, questioned who the criminals are.

Vargas explained that when you use the heavy hand you are not only violating rights, you are hiding investigation processes.

The researcher also expressed ¨The best way to keep things quiet or to hide things is by killing¨.

He also stated that organized crime in the country has a system and a structure that is generally not attacked at the root, he warned that the people who are in charge of these gangs are not in the neighborhoods.

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Tahira Vargas expressed ¨The best way to keep quiet and hide things is to kill¨

In the same way, in a study he carried out on young people who steal, he declared “everything they steal, everything they look for, they have to give to the police”.

Tahira observed that people mistrust the actions of police agents in criminal networks, because they know who are behind them.

Vargas pointed out that trust must be generated in people, providing security strategies without violence.

Referring to the police reform that is being worked on by the current government, he indicated that the first thing to do is change the body, to which he added ¨the modus operandi that the national police have and their links with all these criminal structures are very strong¨ .

Vargas reiterated what he said yesterday at the Corripio Communications Group’s Weekly Lunch about the exchange of shots ¨everything they are doing is pure screen¨.

In the same way, he explained that there are those who work in a stable place, but at the same time they are in the criminal network to get more money.

To finish vargas He commented regarding the international experts that they do not know the reality of the country.

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