Tacna: Young student scammed with the old story of Tinka

Tacna: Young student scammed with the old story of Tinka

A student lost his cell phone, backpack and cash when he was scammed by two individuals with the old story of the Tinka winner in the city of Tacna.

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The events arose when Francisco CA(18) was driving along Jorge Basadre Grohmann avenue. He was approached by a man who asked him for help in locating an address since he said that he had won the Tinka prize.

They vanish with belongings

Suddenly another individual appeared who, together with the supposed winner, convinced him to help them collect the prize in exchange for a part of it.

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This is how Francisco handed over his cell phone, backpack and 50 soles so they don’t mistrust him. They took him to the young town of La Esperanza in the Alto de la Alianza district.

At one point the two scammers disappeared with the student’s items and money. The Police urged the population not to believe in the tricks of criminals. The victim filed the complaint at the Vigil police station.

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