Tacna: Vigilante surprises two thieves in his house and is stabbed

Tacna: Vigilante surprises two thieves in his house and is stabbed

Two foreign “house robbers” entered the building on 28 de Agosto Street No. 1644 in the Leoncio Prado Neighborhood Council in Tacna. They took advantage of the fact that the owner of the house was absent and gathered various belongings to take with them.

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The alleged criminals were going to flee with their loot and were discovered by the victim, the private security guard Víctor MF (34) who was returning home after completing his workday, who was stabbed for confronting them. Then the police managed to reduce the Venezuelan Brainer Gómez Pérez (30) and his buddy fled.

Tourism Agents

According to the PNP, the criminal act occurred at 5:00 p.m. and a thief was captured and part of the property recovered thanks to the timely intervention of agents from the Tourism police station who were making rounds in the area in a patrol car.

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Víctor MF reported that four chairs, a speaker, a reflector, two electric grinders, a drill and various tools were stolen from his home.

attacked by criminals

He also indicated that upon arriving at his house he found two unknown men, whom he rebuked for the criminal act and tried to hold them while his neighbors called the PNP, but one of them attacked him with a knife and fled, managing to hold Brainer Gómez. .

Policemen managed to reduce Venezuelan Brainer Gómez Pérez (30). (Photo: Diffusion)

The victim of the crime suffered a sharp wound to his left hand and indicated that his assailant was dark-skinned, thin, and wore a black jacket, a red cap, and had the appearance of a foreigner.

After an inspection in the area, two sacks with various accessories were found on Santa Rosa street. Prosecutor Anita Meneses López ordered the arrest of Gómez for investigations.

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