Tacna: "Two dead and 183 injured" in earthquake drill grade VIII (VIDEO)

Tacna: “Two dead and 183 injured” in earthquake drill grade VIII (VIDEO)

Authorities of the Tacna region carried out today at 10 a.m. a grade VIII on the modified Mercalli scale in order to measure the responsiveness of schoolchildren, teachers and members of the educational community to the occurrence of .

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After analyzing the reaction in this essay, as well as the state of the infrastructure of the schools, it was determined that if the earthquake had been real, it would have two dead in the La Yarada Los Palos district150 minor injuries, 33 serious injuries, 10 schools affected, 4 declared uninhabitable and one collapsed.

The first after two years of pandemic

The deputy manager of disaster risk management of the Provincial Municipality of Tacna Jose Salas Vera indicated that the drill is the first to be carried out after two years of COVID-19.

Its objective is to prepare a vulnerable sector of the population, such as schoolchildren, after the alert given in 2021 by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) that an earthquake of more than 8 degrees will occur in this southern part of the country, he explained.


They will implement schools with teams

noted that past the third wave of COVID-19 now work will begin with state institutions to resume earthquake drills. In May there will be one at the national level.

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The activity of the schoolchildren was supervised by the regional director of education of Tacna Victor Franco Castro who highlighted their preparation and indicated that the schools will be implemented in a focused manner with tools and equipment to deal with an emergency.

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