Tacna: They slaughter a foreigner in a hotel room (VIDEO)

Tacna: They slaughter a foreigner in a hotel room (VIDEO)

In the murder of a Venezuelan citizen not yet identified, a meeting of six foreigners who conversed with liquor in a room in the Tacna enclosure ended this morning.

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Police officers arrived at 6 a.m. to the lodging Frank Suiteson Patricio Meléndez Avenue, where the attempted assault by a group of foreigners on the hotel receptionist was reported.


Six conversed with liquor

When the police entered room 305 on the third floor, a Venezuelan citizen was found dead with a deep cut on his neck. The person in charge would be two people from the group with whom he had been conversing since the night before.

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According to the investigations, after the homicide was committed, the foreigners quickly dispersed to different places. Some tried to take the images captured by the surveillance cameras and others pages were torn from the guest notebookso they don’t find their names.

A Colombian arrested

While waiting for the Police, some foreigners fled through the roof and adjoining houses. The police arrested a foreigner. In addition, he recovered the images where the number of people who conversed at the meeting and their physical characteristics can be seen.

The fiscal Isabel Mendoza Caceres reported that the victim has not yet been identified. Control operations have been mounted by hotels, bars and other points, to catch the murderers.

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