Tacna: They remove more than a ton of garbage from Los Palos beach

Tacna: They remove more than a ton of garbage from Los Palos beach

The District Municipality of La Yarada Los Palos began the cleaning campaign in the Los Palos spa that runs from Santa Rosa beach to Los Chasquis by order of the mayor Samuel Cueva Huisa.

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The solid waste collection work began on Los Palos beach and had the active participation of councilors Guillermo Aranda Hurtado, Danitza Perez Calisaya and Rolando Mamani Calizaya and collaborators from the public cleaning area.

They will keep the spa clean

Bottles, plastic, food wrappers, food scraps, among other solid waste were removed from the beach, accumulating more than a ton of waste. The representatives of the commune asked the vacationers who visit the beaches to take their waste and to cultivate a culture of caring for the environment.

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The municipality will send invitations to various associations involved and environmental groups to join this activity that aims to keep the beaches of the Yarapal district without the presence of garbage.

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