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Tacna: They detect improper promotion of teachers at the Jorge Basadre University

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Tacna: They detect improper promotion of teachers at the Jorge Basadre University

The Comptroller General’s Office detected an economic damage of 227,139 in the Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University because, in the years 2016 and 2018, the University Council approved that two teachers be promoted to the category of principal, despite the fact that they did not have the degree of doctor, with which they failed to meet the requirements established by the University Law to access a level promotion.

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The Specific Control Service Report No. 015-2022-2-0214-SCE indicates that the first case occurred in 2016 and the teacher Miguel Torres Rebaza promoted to the main category received a total of 146,434 soles for the salary increase Effective from January 2017 to August 2021.

Second case of irregular ascent

While the second level promotion was approved by the University Council in 2018, which led to the professional Edgar Chura Arocutipa receiving a salary increase of 50,502 soles from January 2020 to August 2021.

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In this sense, the National Superintendence of University Education (Sunedu) observed that in both cases the promotion requirements for teachers were not met, since both professionals did not have a doctorate degree at the time they were promoted, reason for which which applied a fine of S/ 30,294 to the higher education center.

They identify eight responsible

Due to these facts that violated the norms and affected the legality of the meritocracy of the university teaching career, the Comptroller determined civil liability in eight officials of the Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University: Adilio Portella Valverde, Jorge Lozano Cervera, Héctor Rodríguez Papuico, Roberto Supo Hallasi , María Salas de Cornejo, Edgardo Valdez Cortijo, Víctor Damián López and Daladier Castillo Cotrina. They held positions on the University Council, while serving as Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of the Graduate School, and deans of the faculties of Law and Business, Health Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering.

The Report was notified to the Rector of the Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University in order to order the initiation of the corresponding legal actions against the officials and public servants included in the facts.

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