Tacna: Sale of birds is prohibited at "animal fair" due to bird flu

Tacna: Sale of birds is prohibited at “animal fair” due to bird flu

The Crime Prevention Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and the serenage personnel of the Provincial Municipality of Tacna carried out a preventive operation at the live animal fair located in passage 16, in front of the former Mercado Productores, to warn merchants that it is prohibited the sale of birds

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The measure seeks to prevent the spread of bird flu in the population by birds after the first deaths were reported in the second half of December on the beaches of Tacna.

Animals will be confiscated

Prosecutor Yoli Ortega, together with Senasa personnel, reported on the risks of contagion in birds and warned that they should not be commercialized and if they persist in a second operation, seizures and complaints would be made for violating public health.

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The operation began at 5 a.m. at the fair, which is home to nearly 400 merchants, and ended around 7 a.m. after a meeting with the leaders of three associations.

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