Tacna: Prosecutor's Office intervenes biomarket for alleged improper charges and "distribution" of positions

Tacna: Prosecutor’s Office intervenes biomarket for alleged improper charges and “distribution” of positions

Just 16 days after the Public Ministry was inaugurated, the supply center called “Temporal Biomarket” of the Provincial Municipality of Tacna intervened, due to complaints filed by merchants and the councilman Juan Llanqui about alleged improper charges and distribution of jobs to people to which are not entitled to be beneficiaries.

Magistrate María Flores of the Third Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Corruption Crimes of Officials was present together with Police from the Directorate against Corruption (Dircocor) to collect documents in the administration area in charge of Máxima Gutiérrez.

Collections without receipts to the stallholders

Juan Llanqui He denounced that alleged improper charges were being made by the administration. He published videos when she made an inspection in the biomarket in which he found the administrator charging 7 soles to the merchants.

In addition, according to what he accused, he detected merchants who would be from the Grau market and the “Chacra a la Olla Fair” to whom a position would not correspond to them since this is destined for other stallholders.

Police from the Anti-Corruption Directorate guaranteed the intervention in the administration office. (GEC)

Indiscriminate sale of positions

Yesterday during the intervention, the merchant Janeth López complained that the number of animal and plant vendors does not exceed 40 and that the rest of the 360 ​​stalls are occupied by other people. Other vendors claimed that some members have bought two or three seats in the name of their relatives and that they acquire them at prices between 5,000, 7,000 and 15,000 soles, depending on the location.

López confirmed that they were being supposedly charging 7 soles for surveillance, but they were not being given any kind of receiptsomething that seems strange to him, as he stated, because it is a legally constituted market and he should grant a receipt.

Before withdrawing the Prosecutor Maria Flores He explained that the diligence of collecting the documentation was fulfilled and that now the case remains to be examined in order to continue with the investigation.

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