Tacna: Paraplegic minor who would have thrown herself from the third floor of a house remains

Tacna: Paraplegic minor who would have thrown herself from the third floor of a house remains

The minor Nayeli MA (17), who fell on Tuesday the 24th at dawn from the roof of the three-story house on Eduardo Pérez Gamboa Street No. 1669 of the Leoncio Prado Neighborhood Board, in Tacna, is in very serious health at the Hipólito Unanue hospital in Tacna.

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The teenager, a native of Puno, after being evacuated to the hospital, was admitted to the Shock Trauma area of ​​the hospital with paraplegia, then referred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Fractures in the spine

Doctor Edgar Concori, director of the Unanue hospital, indicated that the patient has multiple fractures, but the most serious is the spinal cord injury with spinal cord section at cervical level 3 and 4 that left her paralyzed or unable to move.

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The doctor said yesterday that medical assistance to the patient is carried out by the SIS (Comprehensive Health Insurance) and he personally supervises the evolution in health that may occur.

According to the investigations, the 17-year-old minor had arrived in Tacna from her native Ilave (Puno) with her friend Ruth Monroy Pari (19) and invited to consume liquor by her lover Raúl Vargas Villegas (42) at the house of Pérez Gamboa 1669 .

“He had ‘blue devils’”

Vargas stated at the Gonzáles Vigil police station that he works in the clothing trade, that Nayeli is his girlfriend and had offered him a job selling clothes, but after a friendly meeting (five people) with liquor, the minor would have had a crisis of “blue devils” and caused damage to his room, then climbed onto the roof of the house and threw himself into the street.

The PNP investigates the case with prosecutor Cristian Carrillo Maydana. Until yesterday he could not collect the statement of the minor who is delicate, since he wants to confirm or rule out Raúl Vargas’ version, because an alleged family violence or attempted femicide is not ruled out.

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