Tacna: Neighbors find a body when they were going to celebrate Mother's Day (VIDEO)

Tacna: Neighbors find a body when they were going to celebrate Mother’s Day (VIDEO)

The of a male was found this morning in an irrigation canal near the Housing Association in the populated center Augusto B. Leguía in the city of Tacna.

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Residents who at 6 a.m. got ready to start their chores and move to celebrate the Mother’s Day They noticed a lump in the Caplina river channel, so they summoned officers from the Leguía Police Station who, upon arrival, found that it was a corpse.

He has a wound on his forehead

The area was fenced off and criminalistics experts and representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office were summoned to begin the proceedings to remove the body. In the preliminary review it was found that he had wounds on his forehead. The body was transferred to the Central Morgue where the necropsy of law will determine if it is the product of the fall or if it was hit before.

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Residents asserted that it is the fourth body found in the sector since it is a because of its proximity to the farms where people can get to consume drugs. “Groups come, there are smokers, then they go out to assault those who circulate in the area”declared the neighbor Deisy Acho.

They claimed the Provincial Municipality of Tacnain charge of this jurisdiction, to install public lighting and provide for greater patrolling by the serenazgo.


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