Tacna: Municipality attacked with garbage and burning tires due to delay in salaries

Tacna: Municipality attacked with garbage and burning tires due to delay in salaries

Containers with garbage and burned tires were placed at the access doors to the Coronel Gregorio Albarracín Lanchipa District Municipality, in Tacna, by municipal workers who are demanding that Mayor Freddy Huashualdo pay them their salaries and Christmas bonuses.

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The protests were carried out by a hundred servers after the deposit of their salaries in their bank accounts was not fulfilled, despite the commitments to do so before Christmas.

CAS staff are owed November and December

The protesters indicated that the personnel of Administrative Service Contracts (CAS) do not deposit their salaries for the months of November and December. They owe the permanent staff the month of December and demand the payment of the collective agreements of 2022. The complainants maintained that the commune did comply with the amounts of 2020 and 2021.

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They also alleged that they did not receive the Christmas bonus of 300 soles and the one approved by the central government for the public sector of 550 soles. They noted that there are about 200 affected workers and they are waiting for the payments to be made and they are not considered accrued for the new management.

Similar problem in other municipalities

They maintained that they will radicalize their protest measures and yesterday they prevented trusted personnel, the mayor Freddy Huashualdo Huanacuni and councilors from leaving the municipality until the deposit is fulfilled.

A similar problem is reported in the Provincial Municipality of Tacna where last Tuesday the workers tried to take over the municipal headquarters to demand that the provincial mayor of Tacna, Julio Medina, comply with the deposit of their assets in their accounts and the collective agreements of the permanent.

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