Tacna: In one day they modified rules to pay S / 7 million to Consorcio Salud

Tacna: In one day they modified rules to pay S / 7 million to Consorcio Salud

Tacna: In one day they modified rules to pay S / 7 million to Consorcio Salud

The 18-month preventive detention hearing continued for the regional governor of Tacna, Juan Tonconi Quispe, in the proceeding for allegedly colluding with officials and representatives of the Salud and Hospital consortiums to appropriate economic resources from the work from the Hipólito Unanue hospital.

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The anti-corruption prosecutor Ludwing Flores Valdivia stated that the authority and nine other people carried out an illegal agreement to favor the Health Consortium in complying with the valuation and payment of the biomedical equipment of valuation 25, an event that occurred in December 2019 and the payment was completed. in January 2020.

Equipment verification report

The magistrate remarked that the bases of the contract established that prior to the valuation, the supervisor and the contractor will sign “a certificate of verification and custody of the biomedical equipment” where their existence, location and storage conditions will be recorded.

With that preamble, he asserted that the Comptroller’s Office has warned that there was no such verification certificate for the 1,200 biomedical equipment and despite this, the 25th valuation of 7′625,000 soles. Even when the Health Consortium collected the money, it did not pay the companies supplying the equipment, which is why the equipment never arrived in Tacna.

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The legal representatives of the Salud Martín Pelayo and Gustavo Salas consortium requested on February 13, 2019 to modify the form of payment and valuation of medical equipment, arguing that they were not defined, so it was necessary to sign an addendum.

Express order processing

This letter was processed that same day, it arrived at the general management in charge of Eddy Huarachi which referred him to the Logistics office and the work coordinator, which would not have anything irregular except the speed with which it was processed, said the prosecutor.

Up to two times the relevant areas tell the manager Eddy Huarachi Chuquimia that the request to modify the clauses is not feasible and inadmissible.

Despite this, on December 30, the Health Consortium once again requested a change in the payment method, requesting that the 40% advance be paid simply by presenting the contract with the providers.

December 31, 2019

The anti-corruption prosecutor maintained that the same day favorable reports were issued so that the form of payment is changed and the general manager Eddy Huarachi Chuquimia proceeds in this way, despite the fact that they had previously been rejected.

He stated based on the testimony of an aspiring effective collaborator that on the night of December 31 when the infrastructure manager Henry Chique, he was already at home ready to celebrate the New Year, they made him return to the GRT to change a report that observed the payment. Upon arrival, he saw that the general manager and other officials were there who told him that everything was regular and that the payment should proceed, therefore he should modify his report.

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