Tacna: Foreigner arrested for attempted murder of septuagenarian

Tacna: Foreigner arrested for attempted murder of septuagenarian

Police arrested a Venezuelan citizen identified as Ángel María Yzarra Roas (26) this Sunday morning after having attacked a neighbor from Pasaje San Antonio in the Santa Rosa del Cercado de Tacna neighborhood council.

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Resident Lucrecia Zapana de Quispe (75) said that very early, at 4:30 am, she was cleaning her home and went out to water her plants. Suddenly a man jumped on her, began to choke her with both hands and tried to cover her mouth.

neighbor saved his life

He pushed her into the house while she screamed for help. A neighbor came to help her.

Later, police officers aboard the mobile PL-20996 who were carrying out a patrol came to support and intervened abroad for the alleged crime of attempted murder.

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At 6:02, Yzarra Roas was arrested for the alleged commission of the crime against life, body and health to the detriment of the older adult. Prosecutor Edgar Chenguayen Rospigliosi of the Third Investigation Office was informed.

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