Tacna: Citizens fight in the queues after the arrival of domestic gas (VIDEO)

Tacna: Citizens fight in the queues after the arrival of domestic gas (VIDEO)

After a week of propane gas shortages, due to the blockade of the Panamericana Sur highway, trucks arrived in Tacna today loading the fuel to supply homes in the city.

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In the afternoon, hundreds of people struggled to recharge their balls at a plant located on Collpa avenue, near the Tarapacá barracks. Desperation led some people to argue and fights broke out in the queue. Given the gas shortage, many residents had opted for other means such as wood stoves, electric stoves or simply buying prepared food.

Queue of vehicles in faucets

A long line of vehicles was seen in the three taps of “El Centenario”, located on Jorge Basadre Avenue, Industrial and in the Industrial Park.

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From dawn the drivers formed queues and there were up to 200 units waiting for the arrival of the tanker with the fuel. The LPG arrived at 11 am in Tacna and was cheered.

Fair price on taps

The administrator of the Centenario tap chain, Ángel Rodríguez, indicated that they had not had LPG for eight days and only used the reserves they had. He stated that the price will be maintained despite the great demand and that the arrival of more tankers would be progressive.


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