Tacna: Bolognesi will no longer play Copa Peru tournament due to debt to players

Tacna: Bolognesi will no longer play Copa Peru tournament due to debt to players

The Coronel Bolognesi Club reported today that it will no longer participate in the present 2023 championship of the Tacna Fencing League, valid for the Copa Peru National Championship.

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He explained why a renegotiation agreement was not reached with the Association of Soccer Players of Peru on a debt not generated by his institution.

They presented staff

The historic club thanked all its fans for accompanying them and believing in the project since on February 6 at the Casa Andina hotel they presented themselves to the squad with which they would compete in the elevator tournament in search of one of the four places to reach the Second Professional Division.

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The Association claims a debt of 6,056 soles and 80,226 dollars to Bolognesi according to the portal .

Two Bolognesi clubs

The club had informed in 2022 that they do not have any debt since the Coronel Bolognesi Social Sports Club has not participated in professional football for many years and that the debt would have been contracted by Coronel Bolognesi who with the name of Bolito in 2001 champion in Copa Perú, he was promoted to the professional and in 2009 he was relegated to the second division.

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