Tablado, declared persona non grata in Posadas: "I'm not crazy and I served my sentence"

Tablado, declared persona non grata in Posadas: "I’m not crazy and I served my sentence"

Tablado was last released from prison on December 15, 2021.

Fabián Tablado, the femicide who in 1996 murdered his girlfriend Carolina Aló with 113 stab wounds and who is in the city of Posadas, assured this Thursday that He is not “a crazy person” who seeks to go out and kill, but “a free person” who has already served his sentence and she is “sorry” for what she did, in response to the rejection of the constant signs of repudiation of his presence in the province and after the Deliberative Council of the missionary capital declared him persona non grata.

“I am not a crazy person who goes around looking for someone to kill, I am a person who committed a crime and I am sorry for what happened 26 years ago”said Tablado (44) in a telephone interview with Channel 6 of Posadas.

“When I came to Posadas I arrived with my mother after being evicted from Corrientes. I was staying in a hotel one day. People want to know my address to point the finger at me and humiliate me,” he denounced.

The femicide affirmed that he is suffering “constant defamation and persecution” and warned: “We are going to give intervention to the Inadi (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) on all the people who participate in this unusual hunt that is done against a free person.”

Although this Thursday the Deliberative Council of Posadas unanimously declared Tablado as persona non grata, the femicide downplayed it by stating that “it is something symbolic, it is not something legal” and that “it has no legal basis.”

Regarding his settlement in this missionary city, he clarified that his “intention is not to live in Posadas” and that what he needs is to revoke the 300-kilometer perimeter approach restriction that the San Isidro Justice imposed on him with the father of his victim, Edgardo Aló.

“I need an unusual 300-kilometre restriction measure to cease because it highlights the tremendous cruelty towards me. I am afraid to go out on the street. I am sorry for my mistake“, he expressed.

The ex-convict denounced that when he regained his freedom he was “in a subhuman condition”, that he was “persecuted, harassed” and that even his mother was “humiliated”, for which he asked himself: “Isn’t that gender violence too?”

In turn, Tablado revealed that he has taken various courses and training on gender violence, that he cannot leave the country and that he is monitored electronically, but he stressed that he is “right” and not on parole.

“Now I am a versatile person, I am prepared to work. I am self-sufficient, I know how to paint, do handicrafts. I can be independent and I have instilled the culture of work”he asserted.

Lastly, he highlighted his faith in religion, stating that he believes “in Jesus Christ because he regenerates people” and reiterated that “persecution is taking place” and that he is “suffering marginalization.”

On the other hand, the Deliberative Council of the missionary capital unanimously declared Tablado persona non grata.

“Declare the energetic repudiation of the presence of Tablado Fabián in the city of Posadas”says the first article of the draft declaration that was approved this afternoon.

In the argument, the councilors recalled the Carolina femicide committed by Tablado as “one of the most resonant police cases in Argentine criminal history” and as “third in the world”, alluding to the viciousness displayed by the murderer.

The councilors explain that “with this statement we seek to be able to express the repudiation and displeasure that a femicide of this magnitude moves to our city, as a social condemnation.”

Despite the fact that Tablado has already served all his sentences in criminal cases, the Family Court 5 of Tigre ordered to place an electronic anklet on her so that she complies with the prohibition of approaching Carolina’s father, that the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) monitors with dual devices that detect if one of the parties approaches the other.

On May 27, 1996, Tablado stabbed his girlfriend Carolina Al
On May 27, 1996, Tablado stabbed his girlfriend Carolina Aló to death with 113 stab wounds.

Before, the range was one thousand meters, but since the beginning of August it was understood to be 300 kilometers.

The last time he reported a movement to the SPB was on the 7th of this month, when he said that he was going to establish an address at 2100 Santiago del Estero street in the center of the city of Posadas – a distance of 823 kilometers from Aló padre’s home. -., although there they placed a sign that said: “Tablado does not live here.”

The Filipos Foundation, of a religious nature and a prison and hospital ministry, is the one that is helping him in Posadas.

The presence of Tablado in Posadas generated the same repudiation as in other towns in the interior of the country where it tried to settle in the last month and a half.

Since his last release from prison -on December 15, 2021-, the femicide had gone to live in the Cordovan city of Bell Ville, at the house of a new girlfriend.

But on July 29, there he was denounced by his neighbors, when they heard an argument he had with his now ex-partner, who led to the expulsion of the defendant from the home, a perimeter and his move to a hotel in the city of Cordoba.

His new relationship broken, Tablado informed the court of his intention to move to his family’s home in the city of San Clemente del Tuyú, in the Partido de la Costa district of Buenos Aires, but protest marches were held there and he was declared “a person not grata”, so he was never able to travel.

For this reason, he settled in an apart hotel in Cañada de Gómez, province of Santa Fe, which he had to leave after a new popular demonstration against him on August 25.

Then, went to the city of Gobernador Virasoro, in the province of Corrientes, where his mother had rented an apartment, but when the owner found out who was going to live, he terminated the contract, and TAblado also left that province and arrived on September 7 in the missionary capital.

On May 27, 1996, Tablado stabbed his girlfriend Carolina Aló (17) to death with 113 stab wounds, at her house on Albarellos street at 300 in the Tigre district of Buenos Aires, and was sentenced to 24 years in prison for “simple homicide”.

For threatening his ex-wife and his ex-mother-in-law while he was in prison, then a single sentence of 26 years and six months was unified that was to run out at the end of 2022but for different benefits, the calculation of the sentence was reduced and it was terminated on February 28, 2020, when he left the Campana prison and went to live in the same house in Tigre where he committed the femicide.

Then he violated the perimeter fences he had with Edgardo Aló and his twin daughters, and spent another year in prison until he regained his freedom on December 15.

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