System 1×10 of the Good Government is the way to be closer to the people

System 1×10 of the Good Government is the way to be closer to the people

The 1×10 System of Good Government is the correct path to be closer to the people, guidelines given by the National Executive, said the deputy Julio Chavez.

During the interview given on the A Pulso program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Chávez explained: “It is a union of complaints as a result of the devastating effects of this criminal blockade against the country that chaoticed public services.”

He recalled that much of the medical equipment and other sectors belongs to imported technology, such as from Europe or the United States and after the veto against the Bolivarian nation, there were no possibilities to access them or update from new technologies.

“The chaos of public services, for example, the issue of water, as one of the fundamental elements to resolve and is what has been detected the most through the 1×10 Good Government route,” said the parliamentarian.

On the other hand, he aspired that from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the political debate be built in this way to execute and accompany the supervision of the work.

“This is a Revolution that has historically been besieged and stalked, that has forced us to convene party congresses on different occasions, to make a diagnosis of the situation and, of course, make the corresponding decision,” Julio Chávez stressed.

He asserted that from the bases of the PSUV, they seek to approach the people as has been done through debates in the communities and streets. “We believe in direct contact, empathy with our people in the territory and this orientation that has been given, from even below the community, the family.”

The also president of the Special Commission to Investigate Crimes against Venezuelan Migrants Abroad of the National Assembly, stated that the instance that he chairs continues to investigate the murders in the countries of the region where they have attacked the compatriots after the campaigns .

“Murder of an environmentalist in Colombia between 2016-2021, there are a total of 611 Colombians murdered, in that same period of time, 1,279 Venezuelans were murdered in that country,” Chavez stressed.

Likewise, he specified that since 1948, the nation of New Granada has been immersed in a spiral of violence, “so that this is not a consequence of Venezuelan migration, but a failed state in Colombia, which has fostered drug trafficking and paramilitarism.” , he pointed.


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