suspicious bidding

suspicious bidding

Public tenders continue to be surrounded by suspicions of corruption. It is never understood how they manage to win tenders that -supposedly- would have to be competitive and with great controls by the entities that award the goods and services that the State wants to buy.

We are talking about US$ 6,000 million per year of the budget that is channeled towards these sectors.

When we see how they overcharge and especially how they lie in the numbers regarding those who work for a certain purpose with that tender, we see that corruption is still very strong in those sectors.

In the IPS they have put people on the payroll who could not be on it because they carry out other procedures. This has to give way to a judicial investigation, to a fiscal action to definitively correct the rogues and criminals who permanently take our taxes from the public coffers, not complying with the provision of goods and services in the form and manner.

The worst thing is that it does not seem to have any cost other than the occasional scandal that will be covered by another similar one in a very short time.

Tenders have to be the true test that democracy passes on a daily and constant basis, there has to be a mechanism that prevents it from continuing to be a space where criminals, profiteers and thieves take over public resources.

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