Suspended without justification citizen security work in Lircay

Suspended without justification citizen security work in Lircay

A serious problem occurs in the Provincial Municipality of Angaraes, after they suspended the construction of the Serenazgo premises without having adequate technical support.

This was announced after the Comptroller General’s Office warned that the Provincial Municipality of Angaraes gave its approval to suspend the work called “Improvement of the Lircay citizen security service”, without sustenance, causing the work to be paralyzed and the high risk that they will not be able to apply a penalty for the unjustified delay of the work.

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The work is valued at 5 million 550 thousand 369 soles, which would benefit an average of 11 thousand inhabitants of Lircay, the same one that was started in December of last year, should be finished in 180 calendar days; but, since May 20, they haven’t moved another brick.

With this work, the efficient watchmen from Lirca must have an operations center, in addition to implementing a video surveillance and communication system, with the availability of mobile units and equipment.

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In the Concurrent Control Report No. 002-2022-OCI/0394-SCC, which was evaluated between June 1 and 16, they warn that the private company warned of the need to carry out more work on the work, for which the Municipality Provincial authorized the preparation of a technical file with more work, the same that the private company did not conclude.

As if that were not enough, when the controllers inspected the work, they detected dangerous deficiencies in the construction, including cuts in the beams, cracks in the floor of the roof, the same ones that the supervisor did not observe.

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Likewise, the company modified the place where they were going to locate a dozen poles, which were not in accordance with what was established in the technical file, additional works that also did not have the authorization and approval of the commune.

This change also had no approved layout plans, nor authorization from the supervising entity, which means inadequate execution and an obvious increase in the budget for the work.

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