Suspected cases of COVID-19 increased in June, Nicaraguan observatory reports

Suspected cases of COVID-19 increased in June, Nicaraguan observatory reports

In the month of June there was a slight upward trend in the number of weekly cases of COVID-19 in Nicaragua, so it is important to maintain protection measures, warned the independent COVID-19 Citizen Observatory.

“Even with the low collection capacity of the Citizen Observatory, our collection of deaths is up to 50% higher than that reported by the MINSA (Ministry of Health) in the same period,” says the document published on Friday, July 15.

The multidisciplinary team reported in June 252 new suspected cases and six deaths in the context of the pandemic. Among people with associated or presumptive symptoms of COVID, 16 cases correspond to health personnel. The suspects were reported from the departments of Managua, Masaya, Chinandega, Chontales, Madriz, Estelí and Granada.

“During this month we observed a slight increase compared to the previous months of May and April, which shows that the pandemic is still present in Nicaragua. Although the disease has decreased its mortality and severity, it still continues to cause deaths, ”explained the doctors.

Image: COVID-19 Citizen Observatory.

Of June 30 to July 13the observatory received the report of 25 new cases suspects, mostly from Managua, Madriz and Estelí. In turn, recorded two deaths suspected of COVID-19 in Matagalpa and Managua, in the same period.

The doctors also reported that, according to a complaint, an infected patient had to resort to private doctors, after the Health Center of his region and, later, the Hospital of his locality denied him care. “This is a violation of the right to access to health. We stand in solidarity with the person who was the victim of this ignominy and we demand compliance with the right to health, “said the Citizen Observatory.

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The irregular ones reported from mid-March to July 13 already add up to 4,011. Most correspond to exposure of people in massive activities or crowds, followed by the inadequate response by the Minsa.

With these data, the accumulated number of suspected cases of COVID-19 in Nicaragua, from March 2020 to July 13, 2022, amounts to 32,650 people and 6,006 deceased in the context of the pandemic (170 deaths from pneumonia and 5,836 deaths from suspected COVID-19).

Nevertheless, the Minsa has reported, to date, an accumulated 19,551 cases confirmed and 245 deaths from the virus. According to the regime, since October 2020 the pandemic has taken the life of one person every week.

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