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‘Survivor, the island of celebrities’: participants welcomed the unification

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This March 29, Tatan Mejia came to the beaches of the tribes to give the news that the unification began in Survivor, the island of celebrities. Therefore, the participants had to throw all their belongings in a very large tulla.

They only had two minutes to do it, for this reason, some could not carry certain objects. However, all the contestants are very excited about this new stage that begins in the reality show RCN Channel.

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The production took them to a hotel to see themselves for the first time in a mirror and more than one was in ‘shock’ so they have changed a lot. As they say, they faced reality.

In addition, they had the opportunity to weigh themselves and confirmed that they lost weight. The most surprised was ‘Catú’ who arrived with 58 and is now at 51. However, he said he felt healthy.

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When the ‘Koi’ arrived, they also faced the dreaded mirror and to many it was difficult to recognize. Federico felt like a castaway. Amid laughter they couldn’t believe how much they had changed.

The famous met on an island and gave the Welcome to this new phase of Survivor. At the time of the meal, more than one started with their alliances, because right now the competition becomes individual, so each one will fight for their stay.

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