Survey shows that citizens do not trust the revision of the Itaipu Treaty

Referents of the Itaipu Ñane mba’e Campaign, carried out a survey within the framework of the 49th anniversary of the signing of the Itaipu Treaty. It reflects that the citizenry has postponed the government in its management around the Itaipu negotiations for 2023.


According to the data, the public perception regarding the trust, preparation and management of the government of Mario Abdo for the Itaipu negotiations in 2023 is very bad, with a government postponed.

78.5% of those surveyed consider that the management and preparation of the Mario Abdo government for the negotiations with Brazil is insufficient, while 17% consider it minimally acceptable. Only 3.2% rate management and preparation as good and 1.2% as very good.

In addition, 80.2% of the respondents stated that they had zero confidence, while 14.5% stated that they had minimal confidence. Only 4.4% have good confidence, and 0.8% of those surveyed spoke of very good confidence. No person described the confidence in the government of Mario Abdo to carry out the Itaipu negotiations as excellent.

Likewise, of those surveyed, 91.4% consider that there is no Paraguayan strategy in defense of national interests, leaving the door open to the existence or not of a hidden agenda carried out outside institutional instances.

With all this, consequently, 83.4% of those surveyed consider that this government should not carry out negotiations with Brazil, and the next government should be in charge of closing the new agreement.

Survey shows that citizens do not trust the revision of the Itaipu Treaty
Cecilia Vuyk, referent of «Itaipu Ñane Mba’e».

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