Supreme Court revokes the probation of José Tralcal, convicted of the Luchsinger Mackay case

The Supreme Court decided to revoke the probation of jose tracalcalconvicted of the consummated crime of arson resulting in the death of the couple luchsinger mackay.

This was announced by the country’s highest court that, with the determination, reverses the benefit granted by the Temuco Court of Appeals, which, in a divided ruling, accepted an appeal for amparo filed by Tralcal’s defense on December 16 December.

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In the instance, the Court gave rise to the constitutional action after establishing in the ruling that “clear precedents are appreciated that allow concluding compliance by the protected party with the legal presuppositions, meeting the conditions to access the requested benefit.”

It also reported that “since March 2022 (Tralcal) has the benefits of Sunday and quarterly departure having complied with them.”

It should be remembered that Tralcal is serving an 18-year prison sentence after being accused of the consummated crime of arson in the commune of Vilcún, La Araucanía region, in January 2013. As a result of the foregoing, Werner Luchsinger and Vivian Mackay died.

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