Supreme Court confirmed sentence for six participants in the murder of Edward Vaz

The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) granted final sentence a six people involved in the murder Edward Vaz, the English teacher murdered on July 9, 2018 at the door of his house in the city of Maldonado. The convictions go up to 25 years in prison.

Now the SCJ confirmed one of the sentences to 25 years, three to 24 years, and two for complicity, to eight years., The prosecution reported on Tuesday.

Lulukhy Moraes She was convicted in August 2020 as co-author of a special and very especially aggravated homicide for having hired hit men to kill Vaz, her ex-husband.

Her boyfriend, Mauro Machado, was also punished; the man who transferred from Montevideo to Maldonado the assassins who carried out the crime, Matías Guarteche, and one of the assassins.

In addition, of the two convictions for complicity, one of them is the partner and friend of Moraes, Leticia Gianchino. She was convicted in this case of complicity in homicide especially and very especially aggravated.

The July 9, 2018 Vaz was in his apartment in Maldonado with his partner. At about ten o’clock at night, they rang the doorbell. They pretended to be friends of his daughter to mislead him. When he went down to open the door, two men with their faces covered shot him in the head.

Although he did not die at the time, the doctors were unable to keep him alive.

One of the assassins charged $7,000 for committing the crime. A native of Montevideo, he had traveled specially to Maldonado to comply with the agreement. He is 42 years old and was awaiting trial in jail. He was the last person who participated in the events and who remained to be sentenced; his trial was processed in parallel.

He never acknowledged his involvement in the events, but the conviction reveals that he was the one who pulled the trigger to kill Vaz.
The second assassin, who was 22 years old at the time of the incident, then charged $3,000. He was living on the street in Montevideo, and had a criminal record for trespassing on property.

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