Superior Prosecutors support decisions adopted by the National Prosecutor

Superior Prosecutors support decisions adopted by the National Prosecutor

Superior Prosecutors at the national level supported the decisions of the Prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, who has been adopting in the face of the investigations against the president senior officials and their entourage.

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“We support the decisions and actions that the Nation’s prosecutor has been carrying out within the framework of her powers and attributions, in accordance with the current legal order and the Political Constitution of Peru,” they expressed today through a statement.

In addition, they rejected “any act of political interference” that violates the constitutional autonomy of the Public Ministry, as a persecutor of crime and defender of legality.

Along these lines, the Board of Superior Prosecutors urged that the division of powers and the autonomy of the Prosecutor’s Office be respected. The magistrates who signed the pronouncement are Niccy Valencia Llerena, Roberto Castillo Velarde, Carlos Pérez Sánchez, Octavio Ramos, Germán Dávila Gabriel, among others.

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“We are all equal before the law”

Yesterday, the head of the Public Ministry Patricia Benavides spoke about the decisions that the institution she directs has been taking and assured that these

“Each act of investigation, requirements and (fiscal) provisions are based on evidence. We are all equal before the law, all prosecutors respect the Constitution”, indicated the prosecutor of the Nation through a video broadcast from social networks.

During her message, Benavides was surrounded by prosecutors such as the Money Laundering Coordinator, Rafael Vela, and the Organized Crime Coordinator, Jorge Chávez Cotrina; Marita Barreto, coordinator of the special team of prosecutors against the corruption of power, among others.

Last Tuesday night, the president qualified as to arrest his sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes, investigated for allegedly integrating a criminal network.

“The triumph of the people persists in being ignored. All Peruvians are witnesses to the continual implementation of a media plan that aims to seize power illegally and unconstitutionally”, he expressed through a message to the nation.

He even attributed that the diligence – which complied with a court order – was a “conspiracy between a part of Congress, the Attorney General’s Office and a sector of the press to destabilize the democratic order.”


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