Supérate and Alianza NGO sign agreement

Supérate and Alianza NGO sign agreement

The general director of Supérate, Glory Reyes Y Cesarina Fabianpresident of NGO Alliancesigned this Monday a agreement that seeks to execute educational campaigns to “promote individual and collective actions for the benefit of Dominican communities.”

According to Reyes, this alliance aims to reinforce the knowledge of the volunteers on Law No. 61-13, promote the exchange of volunteers in the intervened areas and train them on the programs and projects.

“Volunteering directly impacts several of the challenges we have as a country. so this agreement it is just one more step towards building a fairer society, with equal opportunities for all, Reyes said.

Reyes explained that the lines of action in which they will have the greatest investment will be the stimulation and training of Supérate volunteers and will promote training around the rights and duties contemplated in Law 61-13 of volunteering.

The director of Supérate Gloria Reyes. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“It has been shown that those who perform these services from a young age tend to complete a university degree, acquire soft skills and be able to manage conflicts.”

A press release details Cesarina Fabián, president of NGO Alliance said: “With this agreement we will be impacting the development of our country through the volunteer work and altruism of the volunteers”.

In addition to Reyes and Fabián, the event was attended by Jared Ortiz, executive director of NGO Alliance; Melina Sánchez, deputy director general of Community Improvement; Miriam Batista, director of articulation of Supérate; Santa Mateo, director of social improvement and gender, and Claudio Hidalgo, legal director of Supérate.

The agreement of collaboration has as its central point to guarantee that more volunteers and volunteers say present in the struggle to overcome the poverty.

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