Sunad promueve campañas por el Día Mundial sin Tabaco en U. E. Experimental Venezuela

Sunad promotes campaign for World No Tobacco Day in Experimental Venezuela

The National Anti-Drug Superintendence (Sunad) held a preventive event on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day at the Venezuela Experimental Educational Unit in Caracas, in which 560 boys and girls participated, presenting posters and models with messages alluding to the damage caused by this drug in humans.

For his part, the Director of the Center for Strategic Analysis (CAE), Daniel Quintero, stressed that the institution attended the campus in order to highlight the importance of World No Tobacco Day and participate in the activities organized by the students.

“It has been a very interesting dynamic to give a message to the country and the world about the dangers that tobacco consumption represents in people,” Quintero highlighted.

Likewise, the director of the Venezuela Experimental Educational Unit, Edgar Gollano, affirmed that as an educational institution they project preventive work on drug use through children and adolescents (4th, 5th and 6th grade) towards the communities.

As part of the prevention actions, Sunad and the National Anti-Drug Fund (Fona) recovered the institution’s sports field, and benefited students with sports combos in order to teach them the importance of practicing healthy lifestyles.

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31, an event promulgated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987, with the aim of informing and making people aware of the harmful and lethal effects of tobacco consumption. and from passive exposure to the smoke of this substance.


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