Summit of the Americas, gender violence and DNV report in #LaSemanaResumida

Summit of the Americas, gender violence and DNV report in #LaSemanaResumida

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The case of Yolanda Martínez, a 26-year-old girl who disappeared on March 31 and whose lifeless body was found 39 days later in Nuevo León, once again calls into question the credibility, empathy, and sensitivity of our authorities.

The Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office maintains that there is no femicide to pursue and everything points to Yolanda’s suicide, a death that is added to those of Debanhi Escobar and María Fernanda Contreras, also previously disappeared, just to mention the most recent in that state.

Why bother?

Because deep down it is not about Debanhi de María Fernanda or Yolanda or the victims or women or sexist violence.

No. It’s just about measuring who has the bigger ego.

Right, Governor? Right, Mr. Prosecutor?

So far in 2022, Nuevo León has recorded 57 missing women and another 56 murdered. And that’s just to talk about regiolandia.

Because the rest of the country lives in a forensic crisis, of violence and insecurity that has no time to be resolved.

I am Enrique Hernández Alcázar and, like every Friday, this is #LaSemanaResumida.


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