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Summer at the Cultural Center of Science, where games open the way to questions

Summer at the Cultural Center of Science, where games open the way to questions

Workshops and shows to entertain the kids on vacation. /Photo: Cris Sille.

With workshops ranging from electric luthery and 3D printing from recyclable or biodegradable materials, video mapping with everyday objects and experimentation with synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, midis and loops to make electronic musicadded to the permanent exhibition Lugar a Dudas, the Cultural Center of Science (C3) offers the possibility of spending a different afternoon in the Buenos Aires summer.

“I invite you to close your eyes and think, what is time?”says Merlina Seijas, who accompanies the experience of visiting the Time and Information rooms, which together with the Chance room make up the three spaces of the permanent exhibition “Place of Doubts”, where the question is the trigger for the different activities.

Merlina, a young student of electronic arts at the National University of Tres de Febrero, works as a tour guide, although from C3 they define the work as “co-pilots of the experience, because the pilots are the visitors.”

But the questions not only question girls and boys, accompanying adults also feel challenged to think and that, perhaps, is the most important value of the sample: it is an experience that, if you have a minimum dose of curiosity, can be enjoyed at any age.

With huge installations that range from the simulation of a train wagon to a giant pendulum, the Room of Time invites us to reflect on it, the history of its measurement, and the different perceptions that it can have through games and challenges while the Information room connects, also through play, with the world of communication and data.

Photo Cris Sille
Photo: Cris Sille.

“I liked the Bee Rock game (a dance game that explains that bees perform a dance to communicate the location of a food source) and the Morse Code game,” says Kiara, 8, who actively participated. of the route proposed by Merlina and assures that “I understood all the explanation very well”.

While Ignacio, 6 years old, was fascinated with the room that makes a replica of the Cueva de las Manos and left as a message for future generations that there are currently “stacks of cards and spinners”.

But also Sabine and Sabrina, two young Australians aged 29 and 33 who came to C3 on the recommendation of a virtual guide, enjoyed the interactive activities of the show -such as time perception-, although they regretted having missed some explanations for be in spanish

But if the Lugar a Dudas show is a C3 classic, the summer workshops or Scientific Clubs that take place on Thursdays and Fridays only in January are also expected by the publicrequire prior registration and are held on a specific day and time.

“These are weekly one-hour clubs where different strategies are learned and put into practice every day, such as piezoelectric lutherie, the possibility of exploring the audiovisual technique of video mapping or making different creations and learning about 3D printing. to mention just a few examples of what we put together for this summer”, Guadalupe Díaz Constanzo, director of C3, tells Télam.

And he added that “these clubs are aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 12 and give them the opportunity to visit us week by week because the activities, although they are not correlative, are new at each meeting and that is why we propose it as a club where they can return on Thursdays or Fridays and each participant has their card”.

Photo Cris Sille
Photo: Cris Sille.

Among the workshops is “Piezoelectric Luthería”, where instruments are created with recyclable materials and contact microphones; It takes place on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. and is in charge of the musician Julio Nusdeo.

Another proposal is “3D Printers”, a space to learn about the stages of the process involved in printing in 3D; Fridays at 4:00 p.m. by EMC Robotics

Photo: Cris Sille.

“Mapping with everyday objects” is a third option in which you can discover the necessary tools when doing video mapping with everyday objects; Thursdays at 5 pm, by the audiovisual designer Bárbara Weinmann.

And “Artists in bits”, in which the participants can experiment with synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, midis, loops and the creative possibilities of electronic music; Fridays at 5 pm by the musician Javier Mendieta.

Beyond the workshops and the Time, Information and Chance Rooms, on the second floor some puffs invite you to stop at the Reading Pointin which the program La Ciencia Lee Futuro is made visible, where stories are told from which activities are proposed, especially for the little ones.

Another permanent exhibition is Zoom al Mar (Thursday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.), a complete laboratory that allows you to explore marine biodiversity.

While for February the Fair in the Science Park (outside the building) that gathers in different posts with games, music, experiments, readings and conversations about microscopy, biology, electrical circuits, programming and other activities.

Photo Cris Sille
Photo: Cris Sille.

“Boys and girls, especially the little ones, have a curiosity that is in common with the world of science and scientific work; the questions that trigger research and experiments, to understand how something works in the natural or social world, are the ones that we want to continue stimulating from the different proposals”, says Díaz Constanzo.

In this sense, the spirit of C3 “is to contribute to the stimulation of scientific vocations, a path in which we have to continue reflecting and working hard to see results in the present, but also in the future”.

The C3, which depends on the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation, is located at Godoy Cruz 2270, it is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 12 to 19 and the activities can be consulted in the Center website.

Photo Cris Sille
Photo: Cris Sille.

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