Suicides: a cry in the dark

Suicides: a cry in the dark

We are facing a serious problem as a society. More than 500 people annually take their lives. Suicide should be part of a public health analysis, but we do not have specialists or centers in the number required to deal with the cases that lead many of our people to take their own lives.

It must be taken into account that when death occurs for any living being in the world, everything is over for the one who died and for those of us who remain alive, we are flooded with anguish and guilt because we did not do enough to avoid it.

The cases of suicides are more frequent in these periods of year-end parties, in the long holidays where the loneliness of the one who takes his life is greater together with his depression. In a publication made by the vice-presidential candidate Soledad Nuñez that she says in a post on twitter that; “Paraguay needs to have decentralized and effective Public Mental Health Policies, in addition to a National Suicide Prevention Strategy with available resources to take this issue seriously once and for all.” It is clearly a political position that has to be matched with a concrete action. They are there to do things, not to claim them”.

This time should not be an excuse just to eat and drink excessively or make noise with firecrackers, detonations or “fireworks” that burn and destroy, but to be close to people with depression who send us messages about their suffering but we don’t have time to process their anxieties because we are distracted by other things.

More than therapies, psychiatric or psychological consultations, there must be well-planted reasons in our minds for the desire to continue with life, but for that we need closeness, conversation and empathy. So unfortunately we do not live in these times.

Take sanitary measures

Death cannot be explained, only understand it, know how to digest it, and understand that once it has occurred, all that remains is to continue one of the most difficult human careers that is life. The pain of loved ones is enormous in cases of suicide because they have the feeling that they did not do enough to prevent the outcome.

Life is always fragile and for some people it ceases to make sense and they choose to consume drugs that silently destroy their health, aesthetics and life or seek to take their lives by some violent method.

One of the trips that is and becomes important when being cared for and honored daily, discarding bad habits that destroy and can end our lives if they do not have a change of healthy practices that serve to build and do not end up destroying us.

There is always a reason why we are here and it cannot be that we have arrived and we exist because oxygen is free or because we have had the fortune and blessing of caring for the family, which in turn must be one of the human groups that also inspire to continue to exist. Suicide cases are increasing in number, almost two per day and it should be a wake-up call for everyone.

As human beings, we must do more in life and think less about death, which in turn should not cause fear, horror, or any other uncomfortable feeling, but rather understand it as a natural and organic journey, but without leaving room to think, let alone commit suicide.

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