Subway lines are partially paralyzed in São Paulo

Subway lines are partially paralyzed in São Paulo

Line 12-Sapphire continues with a paralyzed section this Monday morning (5). The problem started after a train derailed in the early hours of Saturday (3) near Tatuapé Station, on the east side of the city.Subway lines are partially paralyzed in São Paulo

According to Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM), since early Saturday morning, when the accident happened, technicians from CPTM and MRS Logística, responsible for the freight train that derailed, have been working uninterruptedly to remove parts from the tracks. . Five locomotives derailed with 16 freight cars, ten of which were sand and six were steel coils (with 14 coils weighing 30 tons each).

This Monday, Line 12 does not operate between Engenheiro Goulart and Tatuapé stations. About 250,000 people use the station every day.

After a rigorous assessment of the tracks, technicians began repairs on the tracks on Line 11-Coral, which started running again at 4:00 am today, with reduced speed only on the Tatuapé stretch, as a result of recovery works on Line 12-Safira. The teams will work to deliver the stretch between Engenheiro Goulart and Tatuapé, on Line 12-Safira, as quickly as possible.

The Expresso Aeroporto service is also suspended until Line 12-Safira is released. CPTM reported that Line 13-Jade was not affected at any time and continues to operate normally between the Engenheiro Goulart and Aeroporto-Guarulhos stations.

To facilitate passenger movements, the Metrô continued with the strategy of starting operations earlier, at 4 am, providing service at Brás and Tatuapé stations, without stops at intermediate stations. In addition, the transfer with CPTM at Tatuapé station is free. Passengers also have, as an alternative, Line 11-Coral and 80 buses from the Paese System on the interrupted stretch between Engenheiro Goulart and Tatuapé on Line 12-Safira.

Passengers are being guided by the stations’ teams and by sound warnings, in addition to information on the company’s relationship channels. Information can also be obtained on 0800 055 0121 or via WhatsApp (11) 99767-7030.

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