Subject who abused and killed his partner sentenced to 30 years in prison

Subject who abused and killed his partner sentenced to 30 years in prison

After four months, andhe man who killed his partner after sexually abusing her and brutally beating her, was sentenced to 30 years in prison, crime he committed on January 28 of this year, at his home, located in the Plan Tres Mil area.

the fdepartmental prosecutor of Santa Cruz, Róger Mariaca, indicated that in an oral trial hearing, The Public Ministry demonstrated with convincing evidence that Omar Palenque Noguera, 28, is the author of the crime of femicide committed against his partner, Lidia Verónica Mollo Claros, a 30-year-old nurse, who was beaten and sexually harassed, and unfortunately left her two children orphaned.

“The Public Ministry presented sufficient evidence against the accused, such as the forensic medical certificate of the victim, statements from family members, the act of legal removal of the body, among others, elements that were assessed by the jurisdictional authority that determined the maximum sentence for the author to be served in the Palmasola prison,” said Mariaca.

The prosecutor for Crimes Against Life, Winsor Ortiz, indicated that, according to the background information, the incident took place on the morning of January 28.when Omar and his partner had an argument that led to physical and sexual assaults that ended the woman’s life.

According to the medico-legal autopsy, carried out by the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF), the victim’s cause of death was hemorrhagic hypovolemic shock, uterine cervix laceration, and pelvic trauma.

At the time, the neighbors indicated that the couple had a party at the house for three days, and their surprise was great when they saw the policemen in the houseOh, to find out that the nurse was inside her vehicle without life.

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