Subject pretended to be a pastor to swindle selling apartments at auction

Subject pretended to be a pastor to swindle selling apartments at auction

In the last few days they have been alive cases of scams in Colombia. The most recent was presented in Tolima. Where, through a supposed investment fund, they they asked for money for multiply your winnings, but then the business owners disappeared.

To this fact was added a new one that was presented in Bogotá. A person denounced a $480 million scam with auction apartments in the Colombian capital. He would be a supposed Christian pastor.

As it was known, José García, the name by which he calls himself, he would be the supposed pastor of a Christian cult that he invented. Likewise, he claims to be a lawyer and sometimes an auction agent for goods with extinct ownership rights.

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However, his true identity corresponds to William Cifuentes García. A man who was captured in Bogotá.

How did William con his victim?

Felix Lombana He said that he lost $480 million between 2010 and 2016, because the supposed pastor offered him some apartments that were in “auction”.

Besides, Garcia wouldn’t be scamming him alone, because I would have a partner who knocks down car auctions.

As indicated in La Patria, apparently the scammer would agree new as a shepherd in a rural area of ​​Manizales.

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