Subcommission will report on the constitutional complaint against Pedro Castillo on Friday the 14th

Subcommission will report on the constitutional complaint against Pedro Castillo on Friday the 14th

The president of the Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress), announced that this Friday, October 14, her working group will report on the complaint filed by the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, against President Pedro Castillo.

The also former president of the Legislative explained that in the subcommission she has 10 days to declare the complaint admissible and, later, it goes to the Permanent Commission, where they authorize the start of the investigations.

On Friday we are going to give an account of this complaint, we have 10 business days to qualify it, once it is qualified as appropriate or inappropriate, this will go up to the Permanent Commission within 48 hours for them to summon a commission and vote. If the Permanent determines that it is appropriate, this returns to the subcommittee and the Permanent Commission grants it a period of 15 days to start all the procedures and initiate the investigations.”, he declared to the press.

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Next, Camones Soriano clarified that they cannot provide an estimated time for the duration of the investigations, since they will have to call a large number of witnesses. However, he considered that the process would take much longer than 2 months.

We cannot speak of a time because it is understood that, if we are talking about a criminal organization, we are going to have to call numerous witnesses. That is what will take time in case the origin of this complaint is declared”, he asserted.

If it were only a matter of calling one or two witnesses, we would be talking about a period of approximately 2 months or 2 and a half months, up to 3 perhaps. But it will depend a lot on the number of witnesses called and, above all, on the response we get from them.”, he added.

Likewise, Lady Camones He assured that they will give priority attention to the accusation against the head of state, but respecting the procedures and deadlines established in the regulations of Congress.


This was the fiscal operation of raiding the offices and homes of congressmen involved in the “Los Niños” case.

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