Suárez a Nacional: A love novel with a happy ending

Luis Suarez will play in National and the fans of the Uruguayan club are largely responsible for that. It was a love story with a happy ending, which began on social networks and ended with the long-awaited official announcement.

A story that happened Twitter to the stands of the stadium Grand Central Park and spread to the field of play. A story in which athletes, scientists and politicians participated.

#SuarezANational was the label chosen to let the striker know that everyone wanted to see him again in the first team he played before taking his talents to Europe.

It was replicated over and over again in Uruguay; it was replicated again and again in several countries of the world. In fact, the club reported that the move reached more than 50 million accounts in 35 countries.

#SuarezANational It was one of the ways people used to convince number 9. Another? Thousands of accounts with a photo of you as a profile image.

It was used by the ex-footballer Alvaro ‘Chino’ Recobto, the minister of Labor and Social Security of Uruguay, Pablo Mieres, and thousands of fans. Also parliamentarians from the different political forces and prominent scientists.

The movement that the fans started grew. That move that began after a statement that Suarez gave to ESPN after ruling out the possibility of playing in the River PlArgentine tie.

He said that he was excited by the fact that the Argentines had wanted him and set off the alarms on the other side of the Silver river when he stressed that he had been struck by the lack of interest of National.


“It is possible that one, as a fan of the club, who left there, feels a little hurt, but it is nothing that now they come to call me or they come to offer me, because that possibility is not there now,” he explained.

And, although that statement seemed unappealable, the fans of the tricolor did not hesitate to start the campaign to bring the idol back home.

So did the president of National, Jose Fuentes, who immediately contacted Suarez. Although she explained that she did it without carrying out a negotiation, she took it upon herself to show him everything that returning would mean to him.

Days later, he doubled his bet and traveled to Spain to talk with the striker, who between 2004 and 2006 played 48 games with the Tricolorbefore signing for the Groningen dutch

While that was going on, the fans in Uruguay they did not divert their focus from their target and charged again.

Fifteen thousand masks of Suarezthousands of posters with the label #SuarezANational and a mosaic with the number 9 decorated the stadium Grand Central Park in the meeting between National and the small hill for the sixth day of the Intermediate Tournament.

On the field, the match ended 5-0 in favor of those led by Pablo Repetto with four goals in the first half and one after 90 minutes that put the icing on the cake.

was converted by Christian Almeida, which he celebrated by putting on a mask of Suarezwho from now on will be his partner in the National.


One that had a happy ending for the tricolors, who will enjoy for five months one of the best players on the planet, the one who dazzled in the Ajax Dutch, in the Liverpool English and in Spanish Barcelona Y Atletico Madrid.

Suarez will play in Nationalwhere you will find your best shape for Qatar World Cup 2022 and where he will try to add a new title to his impressive track record, which includes a UEFA Champions League and one America Cup.

It will do so supported by a partiality that, according to the club, in recent days multiplied the sale of season tickets. He will do so supported by a fan that will surely sell out the seats available to see his idol up close.

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