Inician Expoferias de Oportunidades de Estudio en Caracas

Study Opportunities Expo Fairs Begin in Caracas

In the Plaza de los Museos del Parque Los Caobos, located in Caracas, the Study Opportunities Expo Fairsin which more than 14 educational establishments made known the career options offered by universities to carry out the process of training high school graduates of the Nation.

The students present at the activity expressed their interest in knowing the different areas of education that exist in the study houses of the national territory, such as audiovisual arts and automotive engineering, among others. In turn, they indicated that they were registered in the National Income System (SNI), in order to opt for a quota that allows them to advance towards their professional development.

In this context, it is important to mention that 344,000 students are graduating this year in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and have a university quota obtained through the SNI that has been deployed throughout the country, as part of the Executive’s commitment to promote academic offers linked to the Nation Development Plan promoted by the Bolivarian Government.



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