Alumnos drogaron a una maestra porque era muy “exigente”: querían ponerle veneno de rata

Students drugged a teacher because she was very “demanding”: they wanted to put rat poison on her

A teacher assures that she was “psychologically destroyed” after learning that it was her own students who attacked her by drugging her and trying to give her poison to kill rats when they were in the middle of the school day.

The event occurred inside the Antonio Biale Secondary School of Colonia Lieebig, in Corrientes, Argentina. The teacher Andrea Correa denounced the fact through social networks where she assured that after drinking from her thermos, she decompensated due to some crushed pills that were emptied inside her.

This caused the need to intervene medically for five hours. All, presumably, because the students consider that she is “a very demanding teacher” to be able to pass her class.

“In my case, they say that because I am a ‘demanding’ teacher and want my students to learn, be good little people, with a future worthy of every human being, on Tuesday (of last week) I ended up hospitalized due to the attitude of a group of students who attempted my life without measuring the seriousness of their actions,” the teacher wrote on her Facebook account.

And he added: “I am psychologically destroyed and marked by the punctures generated in the hospital. Because it was so serious that I was hospitalized unconscious for almost five hours and I still do not know the consequences of such an atrocity on my person.

«I only warn and ask that my fellow teachers and teachers take care of themselves. Be careful with your mate, with your water bottles, or any other situation. And it is that I am not talking about big boys, but of boys of no more than 12 and 13 years of age, “said the teacher of the secondary school.

The teacher’s father: “They wanted to kill my daughter”

Hugo Correa, father of the attacked teacher, reported that he received a phone call from his daughter around 9:00 in the morning on Tuesday of last week, where the teacher asked him to call her from his cell phone and he immediately hung up. the call. When he spoke to her again, she told him: “Please come and pick me up at school urgently.”

Due to the above, the teacher’s father got into his car and when he arrived at the school he saw that his daughter was in poor condition, “I noticed her badly. She was crying and desperate, ”said the anguished father quoted by the local media outlet TN, who reported that the mother of the student responsible for pouring the crushed pill into the teacher’s drink confirmed her participation.

“The mother of the accused minor confirmed the fact. But she clarified that the idea came from another student. Her daughter told her that her partner’s idea was to put rat poison on her. For me it is an attack, an attempted murder,” said the teacher’s father.

In this regard, the school issued a statement in which it “was aware of the serious situation. The driving team immediately contacted the specific relevant authorities and agencies. We ask the community not to echo the reports on social networks, an area where the problem will not be resolved but only aggravates and undermines the rights of minors.

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