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December 13, 2022
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Students dedicated their high school diploma to the fried food vendor who gave them credit when they had no money

Estudiantes le dedicaron su diploma de bachiller al vendedor de fritos que les fiaba cuando no tenían dinero

Through the networks they have praised the act of simplicity of the two students who wanted to highlight the support of the seller.

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As an act of appreciation, this was how the tribute paid by two students in Sucre to a fried food vendor was described.

The events were recorded in the municipality of Sampues.

And it is that the two young women received their graduation diploma and decided to take it to the seller.

They narrate that the man was the one who gave them credit when they did not have money for breakfast, an act that was highlighted by the students.

Therefore, they took this initiative as a way of highlighting the support received by Mr. Rafael Villacop in his academic process.

They say that he was the only one who trusted them with breakfast and “this is a real gesture to applaud,” they said.

Then the souvenir photographs were taken next to the fried food table where they came to eat.

Meanwhile, on social networks they highlighted the act of simplicity of the students, towards the seller.

«It is good that today’s youth appreciate these acts, it is clear that these students are grateful to the Lord. Let’s remember that whoever sows reaps congratulations to the students and thanks to Mr. for his actions, they point out in networks.

Likewise, they highlighted the Lord’s act of love and asked to make them go viral.

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