Strike in Machu Picchu is suspended and residents give a 'truce' for a week

Strike in Machu Picchu is suspended and residents give a ‘truce’ for a week

After the almost total paralysis of activities in Machu Picchu Pueblo, the merchants and residents of the area abandoned their protest measure, by reaching an agreement with the Ministry of Culture, which promised to make available a thousand daily tickets to the sale at the local ticket office.

After taking over the train tracks and the Hiram Bingham Highway towards the sanctuary, the protesters met with representatives of Culture, who had canceled the sale of tickets in Machu Picchu Pueblo since last Thursday.

This decision unleashed the annoyance of the Machupiccheños, who pointed out that there are tourists who come to the place without a ticket purchased in Cusco, deserving an opportunity to buy it there and access the world wonder.

According to a recently signed document, Culture agrees to offer a thousand daily tickets in Machu Picchu Pueblo as long as the 4,044 daily accesses made available in Cusco have not been exhausted.

The minutes also mention that this measure will be endorsed by a resolution that should come out within a maximum period of one week, time that the population gave as a ‘truce’ to the authorities for the agreements to be implemented.


Last Friday morning the residents of Machu Picchu Pueblo began an indefinite strike, with the blocking of the railway tracks and the Hiram Bingham Highway to the historic sanctuary.

in conversation with MailDavid Moreno, president of the Front for the Defense of the interests of the district of Machu Picchu, pointed out that they are aware that their demonstration precisely harms those who seek to help, tourists, However, he mentioned that it is a cost that they have to pay due to the lack of compliance with commitments by the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Trade and Tourism.

“We have called ourselves for a total stoppage because the commitment to sell the 5,044 tickets to enter the llaqta has not been fulfilled, this has been unknown since yesterday and now we are on vigil waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Culture. We know that we are going to attack tourists but I hope they understand us, we need to reactivate ourselves and that the commitments are fulfilled ”, he pointed.

He added that they demand the presence of the Ministers of Culture and Tourism, as well as the head of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, they also ask that Machu Picchu Pueblo no longer sell the thousand tickets agreed upon at the beginning.but 50% of the total daily capacity, that is, 2,522 tickets per day.

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