Streets of the capital looked with little traffic on the eve of Good Friday

Santo Domingo.- The streets of Greater Santo Domingo looked with little flow of vehicles this Thursday afternoon, on the eve of “Good Friday”, a time when many people take the opportunity to travel to their hometowns to spend “Holy Week” together with their relatives.

The main avenues seemed to have little traffic in the late afternoon, while in many commercial arteries of the National District it was observed that most businesses were closed.

This situation was observed in Duarte, Mella, Padre Castellanos avenues (former 17) and José Martí street, where store owners closed at noon.

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The same panorama could be seen in the commercial arteries of the Santo Domingo province, where the shopping centers closed their doors after noon.

“Holy Week” is a Catholic commemoration to remember the death of Jesus Christ, who, according to Jewish tradition, was crucified by the Roman troops occupying ancient Palestine.

The Gospels say that he was crucified along with two individuals who were sentenced to death for having committed robberies and other crimes considered serious.

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