Street parliamentarianism remains active for the empowerment of the people

Street parliamentarianism remains active for the empowerment of the people

The member of the Permanent Commission of Ecosocialism of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Antonio Rumbos, stressed that the days of Parliamentarianism of the Street promote the empowerment of the people, this during a telephone contact from the state of Amazonas, for the program “Al Aire ” broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

In this sense, he pointed out that as part of the Street Parliamentarianism they have been deployed throughout the territory, with active agendas to socialize the sanctioned laws and take the considerations of the organized people.

Rumbos highlighted that the participation of the people is fundamental so that they know the different articles and proposals are generated when making use of street parliamentarism.

“Through the consultation processes, which we carry out weekly, laws are created or some that are somewhat obsolete or that have been losing their validity are renewed, as happened with the recently approved reform of the Law on Community Councils, which due to the dynamics of the new times, new articles have been incorporated and others have been eliminated”, pointed out the deputy for Amazonas.

He also stressed that the reforms made to the laws of Popular Power, as well as to others, have been proposals made by the citizens; the legislator works hand in hand with the organized community.

Finally, Rumbos considered that in relation to the discussion of environmental laws in Venezuela, he said that they are maintained in permanent consultation with the people, there is a legislative body deployed in the streets.



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