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Storms and strong winds announced for this Tuesday

The ombudsman, Miguel Godoy, called for speed that Monday due to the risk of prescription of a process on the alleged abuse of 12 indigenous minors, apparently by an evangelical pastor in the department of Alto Paraná.

Source: EFE

Godoy explained that the case dates from two years ago and involved minors between 8 and 12 years of age from the Aché indigenous community.

Even a settlement of that ethnic group apparently went to evangelize the subject who remains detained.

The official denounced that until now an oral and public hearing has been suspended seven times as part of the process that is being followed in Ciudad del Este.

The last time was on May 12, when the experts in charge of the official translation did not attend the procedure. The defender told the press that the officials claimed they had no fuel.

This forced the diligence not to be carried out “to prevent the trial from being null,” Godoy explained.

The defender, who traveled to Ciudad del Este, denounced an alleged intention to “tiring” the victims, who he assured have “financial problems to come and go to hearings.”

In this context, he requested the accompaniment of the authorities and that they go to the courts, in order to control all the processes in which people “who have no voice.”

Regarding this case, the ombudsman pointed out that the idea is to “complete the process so that it is not annulled, so that it does not prescribe.”

He estimated that there is one year left before the statute of limitations expires.

In addition, he called for the country to begin to comply “with international agreements.”

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