Stories of hysteria, the work of Constanza Arata

June 7, 2023, 2:22 PM

June 7, 2023, 2:22 PM

Constanza is our ally of the Para Ellas Reading Club, with the blog The Book Addict Bolivia and her contribution with radio EL DEBER, on Wednesdays, providing reading advice. He presented his novel hysterical storiesa work composed of six stories that narrate the lives of women who live infidelity. A very human book, light prose, which invites reflection, presents diverse characters and dream settings.

Constanza Arata Ovando, was born in Sucre, lived for a brief period in the capital and then moved to the city of La Paz, due to her father’s work at the United Nations, she lived part of her childhood in Geneva, Switzerland. His parents, Silvia Ovando and Luigi Arata, instilled in him a love of books. So, between comings and goings on vacation to visit her family in La Paz, Constanza always traveled with a company book. Married ten years ago to Gonzalo Kieffer Fleig, she raised a home with two daughters, Martina and Mía, together they are lovers of animals, 4×4 rides and, obviously, books.

His work experience begins in private universities within the framework of the implementation of educational projects in languages, She is a translator and linguist with a scholarship from the American Embassy, He had a brief stint in the commercial area at Embol, but his passion has always been educational projects and languages.

The work
The work

Have you ever imagined living an infidelity? What would you do if you found out about a hoax? The book hysterical stories is a compilation of stories that narrates the lives of six women who live a similar situation, with problems of daily life. The uncertainty of being able to be parents is a situation that millions of couples go through, the guilt and the stress of infertility are situations and moments that Alexia will face; meanwhile, the comfort zone ends for Amalia and she will have to experience a radical change in her life.

Grace Kelly will have more in common with Eloísa than she expected, living a modern day fairy tale, caught in a dilemma.. Valeria is prey to a marriage in which she feels misunderstood, she only has one goal in mind no matter what. Alice will understand that “they lived happily ever after” from the stories, in real life, it is not true. While, miles away, Florence will feel like Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, in the middle of a pandemic.

Six life stories that will take a radical turn due to infidelity and the infinite situations that sometimes pose an obstacle to relationships. We live in a world where life becomes more demanding every day and monogamy is rarely an option, as temptations are the order of the day.

hysterical storiesis not just a compilation of stories, They are life stories in which you will somehow feel identified, between empathy, resilience and the strength that we sometimes have to make decisions, and many do not depend on one.

Congratulations Constanza, may more works by women of this caliber come!

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