Ibovespa falls 2.83%, pulled by a strong drop in Petrobras

Stock Exchange falls 2.02% and closes at the lowest level in four months

In a day of nervousness in the financial market, the Stock Exchange (B3) fell today (12) more than 2% and closed at the lowest level since the beginning of August🇧🇷 The dollar rose sharply and closed above R$5.30 for the first time since the end from November🇧🇷Stock Exchange falls 2.02% and closes at the lowest level in four months

The B3 Ibovespa index ended the Monday-feira at 105,343 points, down 2.02%. The indicator even opened slightly higher, but began to plummet during the morning. At the low of the day, close to 12:00, it retreated 3.35%.

The day was also not peaceful in the foreign exchange market. The commercial dollar closed the day sold at R$5.312, up R$0.066 (+1.26%). The quotation fell in the first hour of trading, but rose after the opening of the North American market. At the maximum of the day, around 1:15 pm, it reached R$ 5.34.


Both internal and external events put pressure on the financial market today🇧🇷 In the market Sunestic, investors are attentive to the vote on the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Transition, which begins to be discussed tomorrow (13) in the Chamber of Deputies, and to possible changes in the Law of State Companies by the elected government.

In the international market, investors are waiting for the Federal Reserve meeting (Fed, North American Central Bank), tomorrow and fourth-Friday (14). Expectations are divided between an increase of 0.5 percentage points, which would represent a slowdown in relation to the last four readjustments, or a new increase of 0.75 points. Higher rates in advanced economies put pressure on the dollar and the stock market in emerging countries, such as Brazil.

🇧🇷 With information from Reuters agency

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