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STF establishes automatic return of processes after 90 days of view

After recess, higher courts resume sessions this Monday

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) approved an amendment to its internal regulations to establish a 90-day period for the return of cases for trial by ministers who request a review – more time for analysis of the case. After this period, the process will automatically be free to be judged again.

The change was unanimously approved in a virtual administrative session. According to the Supreme Court, the new wording of the regiment should be published in January. After the publication of the regimental amendment, the processes that have already been submitted for review will be returned for judgment automatically, within the same period of 90 days, informed the court.

Today, the rule is that visa applications are returned within 30 days, but there are no anticipated consequences if this deadline is not respected. There are cases in the STF of lawsuits that remain for years in the cabinet of ministers who asked for views.

monocratic decisions

Another change approved in the Supreme Court’s bylaws establishes that precautionary measures in urgent cases are immediately submitted to a referendum by the other ministers, preferably in a virtual environment, which provides a faster judgment. The exception is cases involving imprisonment, which under the new rule must be tried in person.

Finally, in cases of general repercussion judged in virtual plenary, a period of six days was established for the other ministers to vote after the statement by the rapporteur.

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