After recess, higher courts resume sessions this Monday

STF confirms prohibition of unlimited reelections for legislative table

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) reaffirmed today (7) the prohibition of unlimited reelections for the board of directors of legislative assemblies. With the result of the trial, the Court ruled that only one re-election is possible for the direction of the state Legislature.STF confirms prohibition of unlimited reelections for legislative table

The case began to be analyzed in March of this year in the virtual plenary of the Court, a modality in which ministers enter votes electronically and there is no in-person deliberation.

When resuming the trial in today’s face-to-face session, the ministers decided to set a deadline for compliance with the decision. With the modulation, it was defined that the compositions of the tables made before January 7, 2021 will not be affected by the decision.

The milestone is the publication of the minutes of the Supreme Court decision which, in December 2020, vetoed the reappointment of presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate within the same legislature.

The case reached the STF through lawsuits filed last year by political parties and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). Cases were cited of state deputies who were re-elected for up to five times as head of the Legislature.

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