STF begins trial of complaints against those involved in coup acts

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) began the trial of 100 people involved in the coup acts on January 8th this Tuesday (18th). On the occasion, vandals destroyed the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Congress and the Planalto Palace. They attacked military police and building security guards and left a trail of destruction.

Voting on the receipt of complaints made by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) against the accused began at midnight and runs until 11:59 pm next Monday (24). In the virtual modality, ministers deposit votes electronically and there is no in-person deliberation.

In the votes that are entering the system, Moraes is accepting the denunciations and stating that freedom of expression is guaranteed, but acts with the aim of preaching violence and disrespect for democracy are “criminal and unconstitutional”.

“There will not be a Democratic State of Law without State Powers, independent and harmonious among themselves, as well as provision of fundamental rights and instruments that enable the inspection and perpetuity of these requirements”, said the minister.

With the disclosure of Moraes’ vote, who is the rapporteur for the complaints, the other ten ministers of the Court can also start voting. If the majority accepts the complaint, the accused will respond to a criminal action and become defendants in the process. Next, the minister should analyze the maintenance of the prison of the accused who remain detained.


According to a survey of prisoners, of the 1,400 people who were arrested on the day of the attacks, 294 (86 women and 208 men) remain in the Federal District penitentiary system. The others were released because they no longer represented a risk to society and investigations.

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